What I Found in My Garden

This morning, I discover an unusual sight in my raspberry bushes:  the bumblebees appear to be sleeping.  They attach their fuzzy legs to the berries and just relax. 

I  can’t believe it!  Normally, I  won’t even get near the berries because of the frenzy of bumblebee activity.  They never stop moving as they dart in and out of the flowers.   

Sleeping Bumblebee

But it actually looks like this bee rests her little head upon the flower. I call my entomologist friend, and she confirms that bees do rest. They also take a break if they need to warm up their wings against the chill of the morning dew. 

I come inside, sip my coffee and think about doing nothing at all for the morning.   I remember that even the bumblebees rest. I relax and tell the family I’m warming up my wings for the day. 

Journal:  How will you rest today? 

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