What Do You Need?

Today marks the 4th day of staying in a small apartment in a new city all day long whilst caring for a child who has a 103.5 degree fever.   I’m not even going to bother making that sentence more concise.  It’s been a long few days.  

It’s lonely.  It’s awful. 

My husband attempts to cheer me with coffee and jokes.  Then he announces, “You need people!  That’s how God made you!”  He calls several friends and invites them to take me out for ice cream.  It sounds so desperate.  Aren’t I stable enough to survive any circumstance?  Haven’t I been able to find the flair in even the worst of situations?

I’m learning that I really do need people.  I love community.  And living with flair means knowing this so I don’t go crazy and wonder if I’m sinking back into despair when I’m alone for too long.

Journal:  What are some things you need?

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  1. dear heather: if it's any comfort, please know that your writing always cheers me and reminds me of what i know but have forgotten. xo. rosa

  2. You and me both, sister! It's good to realize and accept this about yourself. Hoping your patient is well soon and you're both out and about. –Alison

  3. I need people, too. (((Hugs))) Praying for your little one and you…and thanking God for your very thoughtful and loving husband.