Well, You’re Home Now

You’re home now.

I say the expression to a teen wearied from stress and difficult social interactions. I say the expression to my middle schooler you endured the onslaught of everything comprising middle school. I say this to myself after a day of marching through the rain, late to my office hours, and then running from class to class.

You’re home now. Relax and refresh here. Here’s a snack placed out for you, a warm beverage, and a soft song. Here’s a candle lit, a cozy blanket, and a listening ear. Here’s the relaxation of lounging about. Here’s where you’re the favorite, the blessed, the adored. Here is where we champion you, attend to you, and promise great things ahead. You’re home now. Here is a tea tray with homework and grading, the smell of lasagna cooking, and the crumbs falling off crusty Italian bread. Here is where evening will fall on you, where you will sleep tucked in and deeply loved. You’re home now. 

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