“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” Psalm 105:4

When in distress, I wonder where we look for help. Today I love the encouragement to look to the Lord and His strength and to seek Him always. What do I seek? Where do I look? Whose strength?

It’s God! I think about how to seek His face “always” and how to set my mind upon Him. I think about how to fix my eyes upon Jesus. I remember all the ways He has taught me these past five years: I know I’m seated with Christ, and I picture it now.

I know I’m in the fortress of His care, and I think of a castle. I know I’m in the guarding care of God. I’m guarded by righteousness, peace, hope, power, and the crucified life. I know I’m included in the family of God. I think about my identity as chosen, strengthened, renewed, filled with the Holy Spirit, and proclaiming.

Why do I write all year long on verbs and images? It’s how I look to Him. It’s how I seek His face and His strength.

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