Welcome Them Back

It’s the first day of school! In our town, children return in person and in masks. With one daughter at home and still in high school, it’s time. 

It’s time to revive the after school snacks. The snacks have been part of the Warm Welcome now for over 15 years.

Your own children might say they don’t need them. They may say they won’t be hungry. They might even say they are too old for snack time!

Nonsense. People don’t know what they want sometimes.

Pop a batch of popcorn and think about a few tasty beverage options. Set things in place on the kitchen counter just in case. I can guarantee they’ll pause by the kitchen and grab a handful of popcorn. Next, they’ll find themselves sitting down. Soon, you’ll have children now sipping some iced beverages, talking about their day, and feeing refreshed.

They won’t even know it’s happening.

(PS: Popcorn ranks as my top choice for a snack because it takes a while to eat, makes you thirsty, and keeps a person in place to chat for a while. And if you don’t remember the Warm Welcome, it’s all about welcoming a child back home. Play some music. Light a candle. Tidy up. Put out a great snack. Everyone needs a Warm Welcome.)

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