Even More

By now I should expect the surprise second harvest of raspberries, but it always catches me by surprise. Now? After I already gathered so many berries in early summer? If feels extravagant and undeserved to gather so much blessing.

But I love the symbol of it. I love extravagant and underserved things that showcase what God’s grace is really like. It’s unexpected, too. I think of how Brennan Manning describes the love of God in The Ragamuffin Gospel. He reminds us that God requires us to accept His “inexplicable, embarrassing kind of love.”

Extravagant, undeserved, inexplicable, unexpected. So good it’s embarrassing.

I think of that love as I stuff too many raspberries, warm from the late-summer sun, into my mouth. I already had my fill, and yet God gives even more. He indeed lavishes His love.

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