We Could Hardly Wait for This!

We could hardly wait.

No, it wasn’t anything electronic, expensive, or fashionable.  It wasn’t anything involving travel, tickets, or long lines for amusements.

It was a single red strawberry (our first one) in the strawberry patch.

First Ripe Strawberry

The squeals of laughter!  The bare feet running across the morning grass!  Living with flair has taught me that the whole family can take great delight in the profoundly simple.  This strawberry represents nearly two years of waiting.  Last year, we couldn’t let the plant produce in order to let the roots go deep.  Then, with the help of compost and netting to keep the birds and chipmunks away, we observed those green strawberries growing.

Every single morning we went out to check on the patch.

My youngest daughter just said, “This is the most awesomest day!  I can’t believe I picked a strawberry!”

It was delicious.  All of us had a bite in the kitchen.

Living with flair means simple, patient, ordinary living.  You don’t need any other life. 

And today especially, I’m so thankful for the men and women who fought and died to make these ordinary days possible. 

Journal:  Tell us all something about your ordinary life.  What beautiful thing happens in your ordinary day?

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  1. I say a loud Amen Heather both to simple living and thanking our military men and women who serve so bravely.
    My growing up years in Ohio were filled with sweet strawberry moments like that. We had an apple orchard, a flower garden, a vegetable garden and lots of strawberries. It is so worth the wait. God is so good to give us such extravagances like this. Strawberries don't crash like computers, freeze like a cell phone, or get overloaded like Twitter! How good is that? Thank you for sharing this marvel of God's engineering! Blessings my friend.

  2. Our daughter would hunt for the first strawberry on her May birthday. Strawberries remain a birthday tradition for our grown-up girl.
    For myself, the extraordinary came at church after showing a bit of interest in a senior. She shared her concerns but also a bit of her HIS-story that was amazing. It was her birthday and I was honored to listen as she grew taller and stronger celebrating her own life.