Waking Up With Anticipation

We learn of snow in the forecast, perhaps even starting around 2:00 PM. We live in a special kind of anticipation: We pull out the sleds; we find the snow clothes; we ready the hot chocolate. We prepare for early school dismissal. We remember our evening lantern walk, and we consider the coming beauty of a moonlit walk in snowfall. Oh, the anticipation!

If feels like all of December is anticipation: presents coming, sweets coming, family coming!

The particular feeling of excitement that something good is going to happen–anticipation!–is the best part living with flair. And it’s not just December for me. I’ve learned, finally, to wake up with anticipation. (It helps that my husband says every day, “It’s going to be a great day!”)

And why wouldn’t we do this? We have a God who “will never stop doing good” to us (Jeremiah 32:40), who shows us the wonder of His great love (Psalm 17:7), who tells people to consecrate themselves because He’s about to do something amazing (Joshua 3:5).

What a day this will be!

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