A Little Update: The More You Manage

Don’t be surprised if, sometime soon, you stop seeing regular posts on Live with Flair for several days. I’m still blogging, though! Don’t you worry! It’s because I might have to migrate my site to another server and work on maintenance to avoid some problems with my site sending out spam. All day, I’ve been wondering about the stress of managing larger websites, more traffic, and more access points for hackers and various internet bot threats.

You pay a small fortune to provide security for larger websites, and it takes so much to debug sites, find the bad scripts running, and clean everything up. (Don’t you just love that it’s called a bad script? Oh, the scripts we run in our head, both good and bad!)

So if you don’t receive a daily blog, it’s because of this. I’ll send out the ones you miss when my site security returns.

The more you manage, the more access to threats, both internal and external. You stay on your guard, you think of enemy footholds, and you realize that every opportunity brings with it various costs. It’s nothing to fret over; it’s just something to understand and resolve.

I remember that, while a website seems so important and shiny, you can take it all down, and I’d still write. Nothing can stop this writer right here.

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