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Just now, we return from attending our first college gymnastics meet.  At the uneven parallel bars, the gymnasts perform extraordinary movements that, when seen live and up close, actually terrify me.  I squeeze the arm of the neighbor sitting next to me with every rotation and every dismount.  I’m certain these gymnasts will crash-land into the floor. 

As I watch, I notice the coach (suit and tie, arms crossed firmly) at the sidelines.  As soon as one of his gymnasts begins a difficult and dangerous sequence, the coach plants himself directly under his gymnast, holds both hands out as if to catch her, and waits for her to complete her performance.  And how that coach cheers!

Within one routine, he darts in and out from underneath the bars many times, ready to assist and catch in the exact moment of possible danger or difficulty.

What I would risk if I knew I wouldn’t fall!  What things might I attempt if I knew someone stood beneath me, arms ready to catch or cheer?

This uneven life, running parallel to spiritual realities, offers chances I cannot possibly attempt (out of fear, out of danger).  But with One beneath me?  I swing out into new directions, and I visualize the firm stance and wide arms of a God who will not let me fall. 

Journal:  What would I try if I knew I’d not fall?

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  1. Thanks, Heather. I started reading your blog after reading your ministry letters sent to my parents and after hearing about your blog from my parents. I love the honesty, the natural spiritual connections, and the depth of thought. Thanks for this challenge today.

  2. My twin girls (10yr)are just finishing up their first year of USA Team gymnastics and I too have seen this protective nature in their coach as they master even the most simple skills and in their competition.

    I also need to tell you that I am now certain that your blog is the one I look most forward to reading everyday. I had added you to my blog roll some time ago, but just now realized that I wasn't “following” you!

    Your posts are thoughtful, articulate and I hear God's gentle whisper through every post. I am inspired by how you are able to communicate SO much in so few words. Thank you for sharing your gift of the written word; it's truly a blessing to stop by everyday.

  3. Dear Kar,

    Thank you so much for this kind comment! That's wonderful about your twin girls. I am just now entering the world of gymnastics with my daughters!

  4. Oh the fear that paralyzes us–in so many ways, throughout our lives. But of course we have that waiting coach, who has told–more times than any other instructions–Do not be afraid!