Up and Down

I’m so thankful the Lord is unchanging since recovering from COVID is up and down. God stays faithful and constant even if our experience of Him changes. We know we can expect of His love and care.

But with COVID you can’t predict anything and you don’t know what to expect. I remembered that today with the up and downs of recovering from a bad case. You have a good day and then a bad day. You have energy and then fatigue. You sleep great, and then you cannot sleep. You have a headache, and then it goes away to return later. Several people tell Ashley and me to count on a full two weeks or more till we feel normal. Several people have also told me their taste and smell did not return right away–sometimes it took as long as six months (or longer). And I’ll need more bloodwork in six weeks since COVID is now known to impact the thyroid.

So I embrace the up and down and know that in the midst of it, God is a constant, unchanging source of love and care.

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