Turning a Storm Into Art (Photos of Strange Creatures in the Clouds)

The storms in Colorado dazzle us!  Midday, I feel the heaviness in the air.

Storm Clouds Brewing

The sky darkens, and as I look up into it, I see the outlines and shadows of  fairies, butterflies, angels, and even a kangaroo hopping around in the clouds.

Creatures in the Storm Clouds

My daughter points, and together we imagine a whole forest of creatures.  Our fear leaves us.  We lean far out over our balcony (with lightning and fat raindrops all around) and take photos.  We turn the storm into art.  That’s what it means to live with flair.

When we look deeply in that storm, we find beauty.  Maybe that’s true of every dark and terrible thing in our lives; beauty and wonder trail close behind and often reveal themselves in the contours.  This isn’t just a storm–it’s an opportunity for art

Journal:  Can you see anything else in these photos?

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  1. I saw an ostrich in your second photo. What a great way to alleviate the potential stress of a mountain storm. I love sitting out on my porch in thunderstorms or would if I did not have storm-phobic dogs who need to nest at my feet :).