Trying It Ourselves

My hubby has a birthday on Monday! He LOVES carrot cake, and this year, we wanted to order him a famous Daisy Cakes Carrot Cake (as seen on Shark Tank). 

But it was way to expensive–almost 80$ with shipping. We checked the website again, and we found out that on her journal, Kim from Daisy Cakes provides the recipe for her bestselling Daisy Cakes Carrot Cake. 

What if we spent our Saturday trying to make the famous carrot cake ourselves? Yes! My daughter and I were so excited! We decided to make our own carrot cake cupcakes from the recipe. We even made little vanilla carrots from fondant. We added a little crushed almond to the tops. Living with flair means to try it out yourself to save money and also to enjoy the process! We had so much fun, and these truly taste outstanding!

The recipe made quite a few, so we’re excited to freeze some and give some to neighbors. Thank you, Daisy Cakes!

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