Today I felt so resourceful.

I opened my kitchen drawer to the tiny bags of seeds I harvested and set aside last year for spring planting. I stored ground cherry seeds, Serrano pepper seeds, and seeds from a delicious tomato we loved for our summer sandwiches. I had wanted to store away basil and dill seeds, but I forgot. Besides, the dill seeds fall to the earth and grow all by themselves in their little garden plot.

I planted my seeds in containers indoors in my sunniest window. It’s a little early to begin indoor seeds in Pennsylvania, but I wanted to be sure I had viable seeds. Sometime in late May, I’ll plant my garden.

I kept reminding my husband how wonderful to grow a garden from last year’s seeds. It’s a way to save money and ensure you’re growing plants that produced really well the year before. Again, resourceful.

I’ll keep you posted on the growth of my seeds!


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