Today Was the Day

This day brought forth threats of rain, ominous clouds, and wind.  Although we had patches of sunshine, the morning mostly promised nothing of bright vibrant blooms.

But today was the day.  Today was the day the first daffodil of spring stretched out one petal of greeting and sent out that unmistakable scent.  Today was the day chosen for this one bloom.

It didn’t look promising (there’s not even adequate light for a vibrant photograph!), but today was the day

I know there’s a grand timeline for something coming into full bloom whether a dream fulfilled, a project completed, or some change to begin.  Forget about the outward signs that promise nothing.  God knows and the thing will bloom just when it was made to. 

 Do you know what I mean?

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  1. Yes, I do know what you mean, Heather. God has taught me much over the years about his perfect timings, and I've learned they are well worth waiting for. He has gently shown me to look at the waiting times of my life as times of preparation for what he has in mind next for me. That perspective helps me to actively wait–or, in other words, prepare!–with anticipation and joy. 
    Thanks for blessing my every afternoon with your wonderful, thoughtful posts! 

  2.  Yes, Heather. How appropriate to use flowers that bloom from bulbs as an example. In business, there isn't much patience or waiting. It's more like waiting  for the right time and opportunity to make a buck.
    Bulbs can be forced to bloom at just the right time, as to make a profit.
    The joy of seeing it bloom just for it's beauty is lost. Though when your bulbs bloom in your yard, after waiting all winter for them, the day they bloom is a joyous one and the waiting is worth the reward.
    Patience, one of the fruits of the spirit, is really the most powerful , I believe. Patience brings you joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, long suffering and self-control. Oh yes, and love.
    1 Corinthians 13:4  tells us: “Love is patient.” If we practice patience,
    our love will bloom.

  3. What a beautiful picture of the promise of Spring!  I shared on my blog a picture of an Indigo Bunting yesterday.  Another sign here in Florida that Spring is on its way.  God is the ultimate artist and we have the pleasure of beholding His intricate creation.  Always, we are reminded that all things become new in their season!  Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  4. Yes as we await a life saving transplant for my son I know He has a timetable of perfection with our names upon it! 

    I love your blog…there is a wisdom that flows into my life from your insights that refreshes and restores my perspective …thank you. As I spoke at a shower the other day i included a story from your blog and saw others blessed by your words! keep on keeping on 🙂

  5.  Oh, Beth!  Yes!  I just had to pray just now for that transplant!  Thank you for sharing a blog story. 

  6.  So very wise, here!  Patience DOES bring joy and we forget that–at least I do!!

  7.  Well worth waiting for!  And times of preparation!  Preparing with anticipation and joy for that well-worth waiting for thing is exactly right.  I just love it! 

  8. I love this!  I have been thinking about what you wrote alot today! Such a vivid reminder of God's perfect timing.. and that we can trust HIM that HE makes all things beautiful.. in his time!! Thanks Heather!