This Looks Like You

My friend (who really is so close she’s like my sister) stops by this morning before the walk to school and hands me a beautiful new purse.

“This looks like you,” she says.

But it’s not my birthday!  It’s not Christmas!

I immediately put it on my shoulder.  Two neighbors announce they have “purse envy.” Nobody has ever said that to me before.  I’m not the kind of girl who goes shopping for purses.   I still use the brown purse my father bought me for my 16th birthday.  Yes, my handbags are over 20 years old. 

But not anymore.  I have a new bright and whimsical purse.  I have a new purse because I have a friend who gives me things that “look like me.”

Living with flair means being that kind of friend.  I want to be a better gift giver.  I want to find little treasures that could delight someone the way I was this morning at 8:00 AM. 

Journal:  When was the last time you gave a gift to someone?

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  1. How precious Heather! I love giving gifts to others. Just makes my day to see them light up with a smile! I have a friend like that too, and it is a precious gift from God. The other thing I think we have to learn to do is to be a good “receiver of gifts”. I am not as good at that as giving them. Somehow I think I don't deserve the gifts. So we have to learn how to give and how to receive graciously!
    Thank you for sharing this important piece of flair today! May you enjoy that new purse…because you deserve to be pampered by your dear friend!

  2. Years ago, I bought a photo print of a blue heron in fog . Two years ago, I met a new friend whose muse was a blue heron. This year for her birthday, I gave her my photo. I loved it but she had the story for it. Yes, giving presents to people because they fit at any time of the year is awesomely full of flair :).

  3. Barbara, I just love that idea of learning to be a good receiver! And Roberta, I love that you gave a gift because someone else had the story for it. That's so cool!

  4. but but but….you can't write a whole post about a cute, whimisical purse and NOT post a photo of it?!?!