Things Worth Writing Down

I’m sitting in a lecture hall, listening to a seminary professor teach on the book of Romans.  I bring a journal with me (the one the Italian Mama gave me before I left for Colorado).  I reserve this journal’s pages for the most special things–ideas worth keeping–so I can remember my summer experiences.

I think I might record two, maybe three, pearls of wisdom.

I fill eight pages.

I go through the ink of two pens.

It’s because it occurs to me once again that this whole life of faith is miraculous.  I’m listening to supernatural, impossibly beautiful things here.  Apart from God, I have no choice but to embrace a self-centered existence, doomed to conflict and despair.  If I did as I pleased, I would have probably destroyed myself long ago.  But when I surrendered at last and bended my will, I found the kind of freedom that doesn’t make sense.  It is a miracle how God interacts with us.  I can’t figure it out. 

Living with flair means I fill journal after journal with wisdom that never gets old.  The miracle is new every morning.

Journal:  What’s the last bit of wisdom you wrote down?

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  1. I can't honestly remember the last pearl of wisdom I wrote down. The digital thing has sort of taken me over; it seems I now highlight and save to Evernote those types of things I used to jot down.

    I do still take notes when I read, starting with good intentions to keep it to the highlights (writing things down helps secure them in my memory) and ending up with pages and pages because everything seems to qualify as important. I'm glad you found so much of what you heard to be worthy of inclusion in your special journal!