“They Received More Than They Knew to Want”

I’m listening online to Paige Benton Brown give a talk at a women’s conference. I remember her from 1998 (back when she spoke at Camp Greystone to a group of us counselors). She always knew how to make the Bible come alive and apply it in ways I so desperately needed as a young woman.

So I tune in all these years later to hear her again. As she begins teaching from the Bible, she describes how when people encounter God, “they received more than they even knew to want.”

They received more than they even knew to want.

I write the sentence in my journal and stop listening to anything else. I’m just so amazed by the truth of it: God gives what we don’t even know we want yet.

We don’t know to want it.

Our hearts have been instructed by so many false narratives that we don’t even know to want the great things of God.

God wants to give what I don’t even know to want. The thought astounds me again. I entrust myself to this God who knows what I don’t know.

Has God given you a great gift that you didn’t even know to want?

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  1. I loved this post, Heather. The truth of that statement resonated with me. And, yes, God has given me a great gift that I didn't even know to want–himself. I knew I needed him, but it has been only in recent years that I've learned how much I want him–and that has made all the difference. What sweet times we enjoy together!