The Unexpected Outcome

Everybody needs a good dose of unexpected outcomes to spice up the day. It’s a form of situational irony to have something happen that’s definitely not supposed to.

On the walk to school, a father plays a song for the children called, “Before I Could Rhyme” by Songdrops. The writer cannot rhyme, so every line that’s supposed to end in an obvious rhyme doesn’t.

The children laugh so hard every time the singer breaks the rhyme scheme. They know what’s supposed to happen, so when it doesn’t, there’s a particular enjoyment. Hey, I wasn’t expecting that! How interesting! How wonderful! 

As we’re all laughing together, I consider the joys of the unexpected:

I remember when I served dinner in the wrong room just for fun.

I remember when, instead of chores, we took our daughters to an afternoon movie.

I remember when, instead of going home at the end of a date to pay the babysitter, my husband said our bags were packed in the trunk for a weekend away.

The element of surprise matters so much for the enjoyment of fiction and real living. I want to remember to include this element in our family story.

I want to look in their smiling faces and say, “I bet you weren’t expecting that!”

I think God must like to do this, too.

Did you orchestrate an unexpected outcome today?

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