The Time She Felt Most Loved

I arrive at the part of summer devotions where I ask my daughters when they felt most loved. One says it’s when she held her cat for the first time.

The other says, “When I had to ask you to forgive me and you said, ‘yes’ and still loved me.”

Devotions over.  I have to go cry my eyes out!

I want to remember to ask people what makes them feel most loved. What makes you feel most loved?

PS:  Summer Devotions still available and still FREE. Email me, and I’ll send the pdf.

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  1. Wow! *tears* What makes *me* feel most loved? Much like your daughter, when I have to tell someone I'm sorry and they forgive me with a hug. What about you, Heather? What makes you feel most loved?  

  2. pondered this question, and it was clearer to me and more readily accesible when i had felt most loving

  3.  I'm still thinking, Patricia!  I felt really loved the other day when my husband surprised me with a new candle!

  4. That makes me feel loved, too…when my husband gives me a gift for no reason…especially when what he gives me shows he's paid attention to those things I really like. 

  5. Hi Heather!  I am not sure if you remember me, but I was a camper at Greystone many years ago.   I have just had the most wonderful Saturday morning reading your blog. It has encouraged me to take a few more risks both in writing and in cupcakery!  I would love to get a copy of your devotionals if they are still available.  My email address is [email protected].  -Alice Henderson Strachan