The Thing You’re Neglecting Might Be the Thing You Need

First Green Strawberry

Today I zoom in on the first little strawberry in the patch.  I take a moment to focus.  The background blurs, and all of a sudden, I see what I have never observed in my whole life:  the white fuzzy covering on a new strawberry’s stem. 

Have you noticed it before?  Not me!  It’s because I value (and pay attention to) final products that I can consume;  the juicy bright red of a strawberry far outshines the immature and stunted green bud.

Not anymore.
That’s what living with flair feels like.  It’s a mindset and a focus to notice that one stunning thing (that you haven’t paid attention to before) that ushers in beauty, wonder, and mystery. It’s often not the obvious final product that gives the most delight.  It’s the not-yet and the neglected.  It’s the unripe and the green. 

Look there, and you’ll find flair. 

This white fuzzy stem declares something today. A tiny, beautiful thing is happening here.  Not glamorous or stage-worthy.  Not marketable or consumable.

But beautiful. 

Journal:  What neglected thing has the most wonder and beauty for us today? 

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