The Spiritual Principle from My Hair

Our hair is dry and completely damaged by all the chlorine we swim in.  I’ve tried special shampoos and various conditioners, but nothing seems to repair that absolutely stiff-as-straw, greenish hair adorning my daughters’ heads. 

I decided to do some research.  I found out that if you wet your hair in the shower first, you help prevent some of the chlorine damage.  According to one website:  “the water will saturate your hair and swell each strand, preventing it from thirstily soaking up the chlorine-laden water.”  

I like this writer (Sarah Tennant).  First of all, she uses some alliterative verbs like saturate, swell, and soak.  But she also makes thirst into an adverb:  thirstily.  As I was reading her, I kept thinking of the devotional literature I read in the morning.  I’ve been trying to saturate my mind with good things every morning.  I think about my heart swelling up with true, right, noble, and lovely things.

Soaked like this, I’m not thirsty in a way that will damage me.  I’m not thirsty in the way that lets whatever is nearest, most available, and most naturally compelling in.  Chlorine, for example, strips the hair of protective oils and dries everything out.  The hair thirstily takes in what actually dries it up.  That kind of quenching creates more thirst and damages.  

My hair is teaching me a spiritual principle that I want to remember:  Saturate and swell with the Good.  Then I’m not thirstily soaking up what damages. 

Living with flair means I saturate and swell and soak up the good. 

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  1. I had almost exactly the same thought this morning – If I start the day focusing on loving myself and loving others, it keeps me from focusing on worries or stress, or letting in unhealthy things into my mind. And it worked!

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