The Smallest Gesture Brought Some Peace

As you know, I struggle with so much travel anxiety. I pray and use all sorts of strategies, but sometimes I just feel all out of sorts. I imagine nothing will ever be right again and that everything is falling apart inside of me.

This morning in a little hotel coffee shop, I ordered some coffee. The counter displayed a huge variety of expensive specialty chocolates. My daughter bought a yogurt, but she said, “Let’s get chocolates!” 
I shook my head and said that we don’t eat chocolate for breakfast. 
As we turn to leave with our yogurt and coffee, the salesperson rushes up to us, opens her clenched palm, and offers my daughter a golden-wrapped truffle. 
“For after breakfast,” she says, smiling.
She walks away as we thank her, but she returns to find us one more time. 
“The mother needs one, too.”
She gifts me this lovely chocolate and tells me to have a wonderful day. 
The day feels different and blessed. What I order up for it is always less than what God has in store. He runs after me to bless me with what I think isn’t allowed or is out of reach.
That little gesture reminded me to wait for and observe tiny blessings today. My anxiety lessens and changes to anticipation as I wait for what golden wrapped, lovely treat this day will offer.
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  1. You too huh? I didn't think travel anxiety was a thing, but it affects me as well! Anytime Jason and I leave home and have to go to a new place or spend all kinds of money, or I see something expensive that has to be paid out, or I'm surrounded by a bunch of people I don't know or don't know well, it freaks me out. I don't talk about it though cause I feel bad and I guess I don't want people to know and think I'm a freak or something. I admire you coming out with honesty about things like this. Makes me realize I'm not alone and encourages me to be open about myself too.