The Real Teal and Strobe Light

I’m not a good traveler.  I have massive anxiety when it comes to travel, I get homesick, and I get all out of sorts with a change of routine.  For years, I’ve interviewed folks who love to travel in order to find out what I’m missing somehow.  They all say the same thing:  they love the adventure.

My friend wrote recently to encourage me about an upcoming trip. She wrote something like, “I pray God surprises you with little blessings on this trip.”  Amazing how that one statement made me think differently.  If I anticipate that God might surprise me with some little blessing, something perfect and unexpected, then yeah, I can see travel as an adventure.

So to prepare for summer travel, I did something wacky (for me) to represent adventure.  I let my daughters pick out nail polish for my toes–The Real Teal and Strobe Light–and we painted our toenails in this outrageously mermaid-ish teal and a top coat of strobe-like sparkles.

Every time I look down at my toes, I’m thinking about surprises and adventure.  I’ve got Real Teal and Strobe Light leading the way (literally).

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  1. Love your writing style and what a great idea! We all need to be aware of the flair in our lives! Keep up the good work…I'm rooting for you!