“The Moment I Picked Up My Pen, I Declared War on the Darkness.” Katye Riselli

I find myself reading Ever Bitter Thing is Sweet whenever I can.  Today, I read the entry, and I want to hug this woman, read her journal, and celebrate her life with her.  She endured great pain, and she wrote in her journal on the day her fiance was killed that, “the moment I picked up my pen I declared war on the darkness.”

She picks up her pen, and she declares war on the darkness.

You can read her story here

Perhaps we should all pick up our pens, grab our journals, and declare war. 

Have you declared war on the darkness?

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  1. Loved the story, but then again I married the author. Thanks for sharing. Mark

  2.  What an honor to have you comment at Live with Flair, Mark!  I loved the photos from the post.  An incredible story!!