The Joy of Rest Hour

Back when I was a counselor at Camp Greystone, I learned the why and how of Rest Hour. The how was this: Every single day after lunch–even on weekends–all the campers and the counselors (yes, even the adults) get in their bunks and stay quiet and still for one hour. They can read, write letters, sleep, pray, or just think.

I remember the why, too: Stillness, silence, and reflection were valued as part of a child’s emotional and spiritual development. Some things can only happen inside of you when you stay still and quiet.

Today, I re-institute Rest Hour for all of us.

It works in families, too. I’m seriously thinking of having Rest Hour after school. If we’re too busy with activities to have a Rest Hour, something’s wrong.

Living with flair means we have a Rest Hour. I’m off to read a book and think.

Do you have a Rest Hour?

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0 Responses

  1. This made me reach back into the past of camp days and remember rest hour! What a great idea to implement again, no guilt involved. Thanks! 

  2. Oh, I loved rest hour at summer camp.  Thanks for the good reminder.  I took a little rest hour today in the bath even though we're preparing to go camping tomorrow.  The break was welcome and delightful.

  3. Thanks for that reminder Heather. It's so easy to get caught in the business, even of writing, that I forget to simply ponder, pray, rest, and recharge.