“The Harder You Fall, The Higher You Bounce”

I’m telling my woes to my hairstylist (the one who told me last year that it’s better to be the spotlight than be in the spotlight), and he says, “Well, the harder you fall, the higher you bounce.”

He advises me to go ahead and fall hard and fast into whatever pain or sadness each day brings. Then, I’ll rise up into joy.

I’ll bounce. Remember: The harder you fall, the higher you bounce.

He’s cutting my hair (adding bounce, of course, because everything’s a hair metaphor). “Don’t avoid pain. Don’t be afraid of it. Sit with it and go ahead and fall. Then, you’ll bounce. The point is not to say ‘cheer up’ to anyone. Instead, go right into the pain and wait for the bounce.”

I love getting my haircut.

Have you fallen hard in life only to find you’re bouncing so much higher? 

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