The Happy Greeting

Last year, I learned the power of the Warm Welcome when folks return home, but last night, our family considered the importance of the Happy Greeting. 

I’m teaching the children (and myself) how to greet another person.   To greet means to show verbal and visible signs of recognition and welcome:

Good morning!  Good afternoon!  Good evening!  I’m so glad to see you!  How are you?  You look lovely today!  I’m so happy you’re here! 

We practice greeting each other–by name– around the dinner table.  We use cheerful voices, and we form big smiles and twinkling bright eyes.  We realize that every person we see today is made in the image of God and endowed with dignity, mystery, wonder, and unfathomable beauty.  Each person we see today matters. 

The Happy Greeting includes saying that person’s name to honor that no other person–amid the 6 billion people on the earth–is like that person.   When I think about the unique treasure each soul contains, I’m humbled and awed by that special presence in front of me.

Living with flair means we give a happy greeting today.  I’m so very, very glad to see you!

Who needs a happy greeting today? 

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  1. So true!  Just a couple of days ago I was pointing out to my daughter how well a friend (a young teen boy) speaks to me.  When I 'hi' him, he always looks right at me, smiles, and returns the 'hi.”