The Difference a Little Plant Makes

For the first time ever, I purchase a little plant to decorate my office.

It’s symbolizes that I’m here; I’m staying; I’m settled in and nurturing things. More time in my office with students means I’m decorating.

I find myself eager to arrive to campus to check on this plant, to water him, and to observe his growth. Having a living thing in a work space cheers the room.


I lean in to chart the slow unfurling of a new leaf. Apparently, the sun from this window and the water I’m giving match what’s needed.


But when you get a little plant, you now feel a sense of home and care-taking. You consider expanding out to nurture more and more. You’ll find you want to nurture students with essentials like chocolate that you keep in a candy jar. You’ll stock a little basket of bottled water and protein bars and tissues and lemon drops just in case.

You’ll find you want to add a few more comforts like eucalyptus in a vase, some photos, and whatever else you need to welcome students in.

But really, it’s you that feels so welcomed every time you turn that key, coffee in hand and papers dangling, to begin another day in the place where you choose to finally settle in.


But mostly, you sit back and enjoy the little plant in your window.

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