It Works! Autumn Craft #2: Yarn Orbs and the Simple Pleasure of Waiting

We find this tutorial from (but we don’t suspend our balloons; we just let them dry on a towel).You basically combine glue, water, and some cornstarch, dip your yarn into the mixture, and cover a balloon with gluey yarn. Then, let it dry for a good day or two.

Pop your balloon (but first poke it a bit to release it from any yarn attached to it). Pull the balloon out, and you have a nice little yarn orb to add to your autumn decorations.

It’s messy, but it’s fun.


As you can see, we still need to scrape away left over glue!

img_2352 img_2353

What did I learn? I realized how much joy it brought just to anticipate what would happen when we popped the balloons after school today. Such a simple pleasure!

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