The Cool of the Evening

It’s unseasonably hot in Pennsylvania, so we shift our walking and hiking to the cool evening hours. I discover the benefits of evening walking at dusk: the setting sun casts beautiful golden beams (and later, it leaves the most stunning dark blue sky); the animals come out (deer, owls, rabbits); the traffic and daytime sounds cease (it’s man-quiet but bug-loud); and you find you shed the weary burdens of the day as you walk.

We have enjoyed hiking around Colyer Lake, Lake Perez, Alan Seeger, Fisherman’s Paradise, and just around our own neighborhood. Central Pennsylvania offers so many wonderful trails to follow. In my gratitude journal this morning, I thanked the Lord for forests, streams, and trails.

Last night, my feet were so tired, so I put up a camping chair and soaked my feet in the cool of Colyer Lake as my husband and daughter walked the trail. I read a book and relaxed as the sun set. I celebrated with a nearby fisherman reeling in a big catch. I turned my head in the direction of loud bullfrogs. And then I packed up to go home.



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