The Best Thing in My Kitchen

I’m in the kitchen, and I find myself so thankful for this one little object.  

It’s my baking stone.

10 years ago, my great friend, Charity, suggested I purchase one from Pampered Chef.

I did.  I am so happy I did.  It’s my favorite thing in the kitchen.

When you use a baking stone, nothing ever burns (at least not usually).  Everything cooks evenly.  Baking stones make me look good as a cook.  

My baking stone, like my own dear heart, is now well-seasoned with use.  Once pure and creamy white, this old stone has turned nearly black around the edges. An uninformed person might toss it out because it’s ruined, but we know that the blackened, oily surface signifies the kind of curing and seasoning every cook desires.

A Well-Seasoned Baking Stone

It adds so much to every baking situation.  For us, this means cookies, pizza, biscuits, chicken, turnovers, and sweet potato fries.  We love what our baking stone makes happen.  The older and the more worn, the better.  The tarnished surface means we have the kind of maturity we need here. 

Just like our own dear hearts.  We’re maturing.  We’re curing.  Don’t be deceived by our charred surfaces.  God knows how to turn failure into seasoning.

We’re well-seasoned and ready to add so much.  

I love things that get better with age.  What’s your favorite thing to cook on the baking stone?

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  1. I broke my first stone. 🙁 My daughter, however, bought me a new one this very Christmas, so I am in the process of seasoning it.