The Best $3.00 to Spend on a Child

On Sunday, my husband brings home two Jiffy Greenhouses from Lowes. They cost about $2.00, so you can spend some change on all kinds of seeds.

We plant our seeds into the provided pellets of growing soil, and then we put the greenhouses on the sunny window ledge. Each daughter chose her own favorite vegetable and flower combination. My daughters clap and cheer, and the oldest exclaims, “I just love growing things! I just love it!”

Every morning now, they wake up and look for signs of growth. It’s hard to wait, but wait they must.

Wait they must. (Raising children who know how to wait seems suddenly so important, so worthwhile.)

Growing a garden brings such joy. In May, we’ll transplant our wildflower garden and vegetables into the ground. Everyone can’t wait! Personally, I’m going to roast beets and cut bouquets of zinnia and bluebonnets all summer.

How does your garden grow?

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