My New Favorite Verb in Scripture: Endure

If you study the number of times Christians are reminded to endure, you’ll find great hope today. The Greek translation of the verb means to remain under whatever challenges the Lord allows–because He allows them.

Endurance is the power to remain under difficult circumstances without giving way, without faltering, and without giving up.

When I read Romans 15, I learn that God “gives endurance” and that through “the endurance taught in the scriptures” I have hope. In Colossians 1:11, I’m told that I need the power of Jesus in my life so that I might have great endurance. The book of Revelation repeatedly talks about the great and patient endurance believers need and will need.

Why do we think that hard circumstances and suffering mean we’ve fallen out of the favor of God? When did we stop valuing the biblical character trait of endurance? When I think about my greatest growth in maturity–and subsequent joy and connection to God–I think about what God asked me to endure through His power. For the joy set before him, Jesus endured the cross.

It’s a special grace to endure. Perhaps we’re to remain under affliction, learning great endurance, because we’ll become acutely aware of the joy set before us and the hope in our hearts.

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