The 3 Most Helpful Changes to Our Diet

For nearly two years, we battled digestion issues and grumpy moods in one daughter.  We fought fatigue, joint pain, and headaches.

After blood tests and x-rays and specialists and stress, the answer came:  change her diet.  My bread and butter and cheese loving child had a new protocol.  It would involve flax seed and fish oil.  

My father-in-law explained to me that flax seed works as a binding agent in the digestive tract, and fish oil reduces inflammation.

“But she won’t eat it!” I cried

Enter Grandma.  Grandma sprinkles the flax seed on my daughter’s food, points to it, and says, “Now eat.”

Nobody says no to Grandma.   

Within a week, the digestion issues healed.  My daughter began to wake up happy.  She ran around the yard in the afternoons instead of lying on the couch.  The dark circles under her eyes cleared.   When people ask what changed, I tell them we add flax seed to everything and she takes a fish oil gummy (from Nordic Naturals) with a fruit smoothie (Greek yogurt, a tablespoon flax seed, milk, fruit!) every morning. 

It’s more expensive than bread and butter.

Changing a child’s diet isn’t easy.  You have to commit.  You have to plan.  You have to save money and budget differently.  Flax seed, fish oil, and fruit.   So far, so good!

Do you take fish oil?

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  1. I take lots of vitamins and yes…fish oil!  This was a delightful read Heather!  A change in diet can improve your health tremendously.  It also takes commitment and a new way of living and eating.  I committed to this and joined Weight Watchers online as my health was plummeting due to met own laziness and inability to control my appetite.  At this point, I have lost 23 pounds and am thrilled that I feel better.  A change in diet is a good thing for both children and adults!  Thank you as always for sharing your insights today.  Be blessed!

  2. Adding fish oil capsules is a great idea.  Just be sure to look for labels that say “no fish burps.”  Nobody wants fish burps!  Good luck.  I am going to try flax seed too.

  3. Changing our diet has had a remarkable effect on my husband's health as well. Raw milk, fish oil, lots of fresh vegetables, and whole foods- and whole fats! have made a great difference. There is a really great tasting granola available in bulk at Co-ops that has lots of flax seed- but it is so sweet I tend to think of it as junk food. Really good tasting junk food. -kate

  4.  Whole fats!  Tell me more!  I have so much to learn.  What is a “whole fat?”  Thank you, Kate!

  5. I have been trying to change our eating habits as well lately. I use flax seed in a lot of stuff (even my breads and pizza dough). My kids don't usually even know it is in there.  I try to “hide” a lot of the extra nutrition that I know they won't eat outright on the plate.

    My nieces and nephew were recently diagnosed with major food sensitivities (pretty much all the major ones, wheat, corn, nuts, gluten, oat, etc…). So they are completely changing their diets too.

    It is so hard to change, but so worth all the extra work and extra expense.

  6.  Hello!  We use 1 tablespoon in the morning in the smoothie, and then I try to put another tablespoon in something we are eating at dinner.  We use the course ground flax seed.