That’s All

I’m talking about photography again and how you just have to stay alert all day long to the beauty the light illuminates.  You just never know what you’ll see when you’re really looking.

I’m telling my mother-in-law this as we drive through the neighborhood, and we just happen to pull over to visit with a neighbor who discovers a nest of baby bunnies in her yard.  We grab our cameras, of course, and marvel at the tiny bunny that’s no bigger than our hand.

I think of Peter Rabbit and smile. I just can’t get over the soft newness of him.  Those little ears!  That wriggling nose! 

Then, we take the little one to see the baby chicks down the road, and with camera in hand, I marvel again at the soft newness of this little chick that hasn’t even grown feathers yet.  Look at those bright orange feet and the big eyes! 

So that’s all.  You take your camera with you.  You stay alert.  You find delightful things right in your own neighborhood.  

That’s what I do now.  That’s all, and it’s so big I can hardly contain it.

Have you been able to marvel at things right in your own neighborhood? 

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  1. Two weeks ago I started an on-line photography class and now I am filling my computer with photos from my yard and neighborhood.
    Early morning spring light is my favorite thing. 
    You are right, this is waking me up and keeping me more alert.  A trip to the garden center was so amazing! I am loving this adventure.
    Your bunny reminds me of a small one that tried to have a salad from our garden one year. We put up a black netting and he must not have been able to see  or understand it and threw himself repeatedly onto it! It was our laughter that eventually sent him off; we had the salad!

  2.  So glad you found an on-line class!  I should do that!  I agree about that early morning spring light.  So beautiful! 

  3. My sister visited a long weekend last week; we went and did things I would not normally do. We went to Bollinger Mill; the antique shop there had bird houses for sale – except one momma bird took up residence and it now is filled with wee baby birds whose mouths open wide when you look in. The house is currently off the market, so to speak :).
    The newness of spring life  :).