Taking What Comes

I have a winter stomach bug, and I do nothing but rest all day long. 

It’s what this day brings, and for once in my life, I don’t resist the rest. I cancel a party, forget about cleaning, work, and meal preparation, and I snuggle under blankets to warm my chills and aches.  

I have no idea how anyone else in the family manages their life today. I’m sick. I’m resting. 

My daughter asks, “Mom, is this just so weird for you?”

It’s not. Not after six years of living with flair that’s taught me to take what comes, to let what’s needed happen, and to trust in God’s timing and provision. 

In fact, as I’m sipping ginger ale by the Christmas tree, watching another Christmas movie with my daughters, I realize that sickness brought me to this moment. And I thank God for all circumstances. 

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