A Fun Presentation: Teaching High School Students What I Wish They Knew As Incoming Freshmen

Today I return to high school to teach a writing course of graduating seniors what I wish they would know as incoming freshmen. 

I loved it! What excellent students at State High! 

I talked about the five things I wish every college student writer already knew: how to create a written voice using advanced grammar and of course strong verbs, how to understand their authority and trustworthiness as a writer (and how to communicate that to a reader), how to see writing as a timely conversation, and how to build complexity by synthesizing seemingly unrelated ideas. 

We talk about the best tips of visiting professors in their office hours, treating college like a full-time job, and not abusing alcohol. 

The best part of all was when I ended the presentation and the teacher stood by my side to answer more questions. Why? Because this amazing teacher was my own student years ago who once took the very college writing course I discussed. 

Beautiful! At one point later I turned to this amazing professional and said, “You did it! You’re here!” Seeing her classroom ranks as one of the best moments of teaching so far. 

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