Take a Loop

Sometimes my dear friend calls and says, “It’s sunny outside. Let’s take a loop.” She means we’ll walk around the block–the “loop” that takes only 10 minutes or so.

Sometimes, when my daughters and I have been sitting for too long with our tasks, whether their homework or my writing, I’ll stand and say, “Let’s take a loop.”

Let’s take a loop!

We take time to take a loop. It signals self-care, connection with others, and a moment of reflection. Taking a loop means a break to talk about whatever we need to say. And taking a loop finally offers a moment in nature to breathe in the fresh air, note the changing seasons, feel the grass under our feet, and touch the branches as we pass.

It’s a way to stop the day, remind us that it’s all going to be OK, and that here we are, just walking, just taking a loop.

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