Increasing Your Receptivity

Today I remembered the quote from a blog post I wrote nearly 9 years ago. E. Stanley Jones said, “An organism expends as much as it receives and no more; therefore, receptivity is the first law of life.”

Receptivity:  the willingness and readiness to receive. Below, I quote the original blog from 2011.

I wonder how we might receive from God, draw life and energy, and then expend. Otherwise, we find ourselves in unnatural and impossible deficits, exhausted by our lives. 

All day long, I think about how much we expend as we go about our days. I’ve mastered the art of expending, but I want to learn the art of receptivity. I receive from God through prayer and the scriptures, and I receive from others as I let them care for me when I’m in need. What makes this so hard every day? 

My husband reminds me that, in terms of biochemistry, certain drugs block the receptor sites of a cell so they cannot receive. In our lives, what would block our receptor sites so we cannot truly receive from God?

We both know the answer as soon as we ask the question.  It’s pride–our own self-sufficiency and our belief that we can control and direct our own lives. My supreme busyness reflects that deeply embedded pride. I must go and go and not ever sit and receive.

Not today. I need to receive. 

As I position my heart to receive, I find that God sends strange offers my way: a ride home, a friend delivering a meal, a moment alone to read my Bible, an unexpected treatment offered by a doctor. I relax into this day and open every receptor site I have. I find peace soothing my soul.  I let God fill me, and then, I have the capacity to expend. 

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