Stirring Up Controversy

At least four times today, something happens that I could have made a big deal about; I could have told someone else–stirring up controversy–and delighted in conflict.

In home environments, work environments, and neighborhood environments, it’s so easy to stir up controversy. Many times in the book of Proverbs, we’re warned against stirring things up. We’re told that the foolish person “stirs up dissension,” and that hateful and angry people “stir up quarrels.” Certain people just love to “stir up trouble.”

I’m fascinated by the verb. To stir means that you mix something up, usually adding something in to something else. Stirring things up mean we add others into a conversation they don’t need to know about. It means recounting–over and over again–stories to spread anger and hate. It means inciting others just because we grow to love drama and conflict.

I don’t want to be a woman who adds to controversy and who delights in spreading conflict around.

Instead, we’re asked in Proverbs to conduct ourselves differently.

So when I’m tempted to stir things up, I pause and ask God to help me act with love, patience, and mercy.

Isn’t it so tempting to “stir things up?”

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  1. Glad to know I am not alone. It is SO tempting! When the opportunity arises (and it does so often) I try to remember this quote:

    “Great people talk about ideas.
    Average people talk about things.
    Small people talk about other people.”
    Sometimes it helps, but not always. I need do as you say, ask God for more love, patience and mercy.