Steamed Chinese Dumplings

Yesterday, we return home from a voyage because the little one has a fever and stomach pains.  With nothing planned for dinner and an empty refrigerator, the oldest one devises a plan for interesting and fun.

And we sure need some interesting fun to make up for a disappointing Spring Break.  

As the sick one sleeps, my oldest and I remember how much we all love Steamed Chinese Dumplings.  I haven’t made them in two years.

For my dumplings, I just mix some ground chicken and whatever flavors I want:  cilantro, green onions, ginger, chopped peanuts, hot sauce, and salt.  I add one egg to the mix. 

Then, I drop one teaspoon or so into the middle of a wonton wrapper:

I seal the edges with my wet fingers:

I put them in the steaming basket over boiling water (lid on!) for seven minutes: 

And there you go:  interesting, fun, and delicious.  We serve the dumplings with plum sauce. 

Sometimes, you just have to make Steamed Chinese Dumplings when your plans change.  

What do you put in your steamed dumplings? 

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  1. It's my mother's recipe which contains ground pork, shitake, water chestnuts and napa cabbage (along with various spices and condiments); then I allow to marinate overnight. I only make jiaozi once a year though, on Chinese New Year! Yours look just as delicious, and probably less time consuming than my mother's recipe demands 🙂

  2. We've got a great saying in China to go with your change in plans: Ji hua mei you, bian hua kuai! (plans can't keep up with changes!). Making dumplings/jiaozi is a great way to rescue a disappointing day.