Staying Pliable

This morning I read in Robert Coleman’s book The Master Plan of Evangelism about the character trait of being pliable. In examining the type of people Jesus selected to follow him, we note most of all their pliable, teachable hearts. Jesus didn’t choose anyone from the Levitical priesthood, from among the scholarly, or even from the wealthiest families. He chose ordinary and often foolish men who nevertheless proved pliable. 

I looked up the word: it means easily molded, easily influenced, flexible, and ready to change. The opposite: rigid, inflexible, fixed, unmoving.

What would it mean to pray for a truly pliable heart that allows God to mold it freely and quickly? I consider how a pliable person—the one I want to become and stay—lives in humility with a desire to learn and change. This person also has the willingness to allow God to shape whatever He wants of our lives.


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