Remembering that Work Expands to Fill the Time You Give It

Every fresh semester, I’m so tempted to fill the entire weekend grading that first project students turn in. I want to get ahead! I’ll rest later! Let’s get to work! 

I know the truth: I can give my whole life to work. I can grade every day, all day, if I wished. The work will expand to fill the time I give it. But what if I set the same tested boundaries from last year, the ones where nobody works on the weekend? The one where, instead of our weekly work, we rest, prepare delicious meals, socialize, and prepare our home and souls for the week ahead?

Last year, the boundaries worked; life went smoothly, and every student received their graded papers within the week. I never fell behind. Instead, I looked forward to a weekend of rest, of Sabbath, of nourishment, and of connecting with people.

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