Sometimes You Just Need To

Sometimes you just have to take your shoes off and get in a creek.

I mean it; something happens to you when you’re in a creek.

Nobody says, “I’m bored,” or “Can we do something?” Nobody fights or worries or complains.

Maybe it’s because the water teaches us something about how to live a good life: You keep moving. The obstacles in your path just make for more creative patterns. Every fallen thing only fosters better music as the water swirls and descends.

Every step you take, there’s something to find. A smooth stone, a silver minnow, a sprinting crayfish.

And every dark place in the creek promises a treasure. That’s where everything hides.

You look and listen. You tread carefully. You take a friend’s hand to balance you on the rocks.

Sometimes, you just need to get in a creek.

Do you have great creek memories? 

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  1. I have wonderful creek memories. There's a beautiful creek that runs through my grandmother's backyard. My mom played in it, my siblings and I played in it, and my kids played in it. Looking forward to the day when my grandchildren do the same.

  2. Oh, my gosh! The boys and I have such wonderful memories from all the times we visited Spring Creek Park, one of the very best in town. You are so right – once you commit to getting wet and squishy feet, there are few better places than the creek. Your pictures brought me back to those happy times just when I needed to remember. Thanks.