Something So Important (That I Didn’t Know Mattered So Much)

My oldest daughter tells me yesterday how much she loves our after school snack time. Years ago, before I even had children, I remember wise mothers who told me how they stopped everything, set out a special snack, and greeted their children after school.

Special snack? Whatever do you mean?

I learned then about choosing between parfaits in crystal goblets, platters of crackers and cheese, little sushi rolls, bowls of hot buttered popcorn, smoothies with gobs of whipped cream, fruit salads, pretzels, or trays of cut vegetables and dip. These moms made coming home from school an event to celebrate.

So I’ve been making an after school spread for years. The Italian Mamas tell me this is normal and just how its done in Italian families.

When my daughter tells me how much she loves this time with me (and she’s a teenager!), I want to burst into tears of joy.  My grocery shopping list for next week now includes raspberry mousse ingredients, some seaweed for sushi, and greek yogurt for all those after school smoothies. And whipped cream! I can’t forget the whipped cream!

So we snack from 3-4 and then do homework. I had no idea they even thought about this time, but then do.

Oh, they do!

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