Some Fun Dinner Conversation

Last night while dining with friends, a great conversation erupted from a single comment: a friend said he loved the Easter Peeps. So many of us let our mouths hang open in disgust. Nobody else at the table liked these marshmallow treats, so a few of us wondered, “What else do you love that most people dislike?” We laughed so hard about quirky things about each of us. Some of us love reading grammar books or doing calculus problems for fun; some of us love a midnight snack (while others couldn’t imagine ever eating in the middle of the night). One told us her absolute love for prunes.

Then, we flipped the question: What do you dislike immensely that most people love?

Friends confessed they disliked dogs, vacations, or going to football games. We all learned so much about each other by these two fun questions. Try it at your Thanksgiving dinner, and see what happens!

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