So Uncool

Last night I brought my favorite game (Scrabble) to a swank wine and cheese party. All the women looked like they just came from the Sex and the City set, and I walked in with not wine under my arm but SCRABBLE.  Nobody wanted to play.  Nobody.   I’m still not over this.

Anybody want to come play speed-scrabble and then psychoanalyze the board with me? 

The thing about being uncool and very, very interested in words is that I really don’t fit in lots of places.  Maybe you feel the same way.  Today, I’m curious about something you love that makes you not fit in many places.  I’m dying to hear from you. (It will make me feel better about last night). 

Living with flair means embracing what isn’t cool about me.  Scrabble is the best game ever.  I’m standing by that.

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15 Responses

  1. I love staying at home sometimes with a good book or if I do go out I prefer a quieter place so I can converse…most of my friends wants lots of noise and excitement!

  2. The good book! Yes! I think I'm becoming an introvert after all. Might I also mention that I like talking about neuroscience a lot. I think this comes off as supremely uncool.

  3. I love Scrabble! Brian's family always plays at holiday get-togethers. So I guess we are all nerds. 🙂 Come down to Atlanta and I will play with you, friend.

  4. HA HA HA! You WERE totally cool AND living with flair to even BRING the !@#$ Scrabble — I applaud you sistah! I was feeling my own uncoolness at a gathering last night as all the gals talked about what wasn't working in their lives (and who was to blame for it.) Oy. I so wanted to discuss something inspiring. Then I just wanted to go home — but I'd taken a ride from a friend. Mistake! Would have preferred to play Scrabble : )

  5. I'd come for a game of scrabble! I admire your courage to even take the game to a party like that.
    I have been labelled “you're so last century” because I do not like lots of excitement and noise to enjoy myself and company. Agree with Julie — it is so much healthier to talk about something inspiring.
    Keep playing!

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  7. Anyone who looks down their nose at words games probably cannot spell “nose”. All good little lemmings will huddle together in their self-supportive circle, back patting in unison. The truth is that many of them might want to play, but are too consumed by appearance… sad.

  8. I have enjoyed all your blog entries-as a life coach, all ring true. I often bring my SYZYGY game to gatherings. It is a word game much like scrabble, but faster and can be more collaborative AND competitive.ALso doesn't require a board, just a flat space.
    Keep on writing-your wisdom is a gift to all who read you.