Small Town, Big World (in Pictures)

I live in a town where you can take pictures of things like newborn foals.  Skipped Emotion had her little one almost a week late, and here she is just 4 days old.  Today, both horses were released to the meadow.

I live in a town where you can take your little girls strawberry picking (just down the road) from a local fruit farm.  We picked 9 pounds and ate maybe 2 pounds along the way.  The owners don’t care; we go to church together, and they told me they care more about us coming back year after year than whether we eat strawberries.

I live in a little town where you run around huge trees in the twilight.   But lest you worry about the scope of what my children do in this little town, I offer this:

Yesterday I went to the elementary school assembly.  Children reported, not so much on local news, but on international concerns.  They celebrated how much money they’d all raised for oil spill clean up efforts.  They recalled their collective attempts to sell “Hearts for Haiti” and donate money for hurricane victims.  And then, as a group, they sang their anthem for the year:  “We Are the World” (complete with the modern version’s rap sequence–thank you 5th graders!)

They sang so loud the walls seemed to shake.

  You can be small town and big world. 

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