Slow Transformation

Things take time. I’m not a patient person, so I’m fascinated by what it takes emotionally to invest in something without immediate returns. It’s good to grow into this kind of patient person who takes the long view of things–physically, socially, financially, and even spiritually.

Take weight training, for example. I’ve heard this quote: It takes 2 weeks to feel it, 4 weeks to see it, and 6 weeks to hear it. In other words, you’ll feel different (stronger, better) in 2 weeks; you’ll begin to see results in 4 weeks (weight loss, toning, etc); and in 6 weeks, other people will notice. I’ve also heard this: 6 weeks to be it; 12 weeks to see it (meaning you establish a habit in 6 weeks and then you see results in 12 weeks).

Things take time when you’re trying to transform something, especially in the category of personal fitness. It’s the same for any area of improvement if you think about it. But I’m learning how important a mindset shift is here: consider a 12 week waiting period till you see results. In the meantime, plug along, day by day.

One day, the transformation will happen. Whether you’re building financial health or working towards maturity in any area, you won’t see the new you overnight.

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